The American School of Doha was recently awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag to recognize its achievements in promoting sustainability on campus. In the past two years, ASD students have intro- duced and successfully implemented a number of eco-friendly sustaina- bility initiatives including paper recy- cling, re-use programs, reduction of plastic waste, and food composting to name a few. Many of the programs were student-led by members of the ASD Eco Clubs.

The Green Flag award is just one of the many achievements celebrated by ASD during its 30th anniversary year. Last month at the annual Friendship Festival, ASD revealed the long-awaited Legacy Wall which dis- plays brush-metal plaques with names of students and community members who had previously donated to help offset the cost of building the new school starting in 2006- 2007. The wall is only a third-way filled, leaving room for future students and community members to leave their Legacy. Read More..

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